A Thought of Mass Destruction

My mind is a wonderland and this blog is the rabbit hole

Which is more dangerous- Chaos or Calm?

It may seem an idiotic question, of course the typical person would choose calm over chaos when forced to choose in a situation short of time. But i have given this some thought and come to the conclusion that peace frightens me. The idea that something could jump out of the shadows in an otherwise still setting would do me far more damage then in a chaotic one. Chaos is not out of place in the midst of, well, chaos. What’s one more thing going unbelievably wrong? Interrupting the serenity of a still, silent night however, well that would very near give me a heart attack.

Now it’s over to you, chaos or calm?

-Roseanna ∆


Mender of Nets!

I just absolutely adore this. The thought that someones ever-so-simple life can be recorded and look so stunning is a beautiful point to humanity

The Optimism of Color

I shot this photo in Cascais, Portugal. To see more of my art and photos, go to www.lindajoyceott.com

About the Optimism of Color Blog

For 365 days, I am posting a photo or piece of art that I have created that reflects what I call the Optimism of Color. Through vibrant colors and bold visceral forms, these works shout out my joy at being alive, and my good fortune at being able to continue to make art after a near death experience.

Each of the images I post brings a smile to my face. I hope they bring you similar joy and laughter through the Optimism of Color.

All photos © Linda Joyce Ott, 2012
Links may be used provided that credit is given to optimismofcolor.com.

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A Hesnæs Holiday

There is something unbelievably nerve-racking about something so calm.


Yesterday I got back from a relaxing 4-day trip in Hesnæs, a cozy little town in the south of Denmark. The folks I know down there are musicians and so every year they have “Christmas in Hesnæs” with a handful of their students… a handful being 18 of us! The house was full of music and delicious food, decoration-making, Christmas movies, and lots of wine and juleøl. We took long walks in the forest and by the beach, where Anders took this great photograph of me.

Now I’m only home for one more night until I hop on a plane to meet my family in Barcelona where we’ll be having Christmas this year! I’ll be sure to write about all the places we’ll go and visit… I couldn’t be more excited :). This December feels like it’s Christmas every day, I’m lucky to have such a great year!



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A Simple Introduction

There are many a place in this world of strange and amazing things where an individual can go to seek solace from the mind-achingly difficult questions we, as a race, are faced with every day.

This is not one of those places.

My name is Roseanna, and i am a free thinking person who sought out a place to inflict my opinions on the world. And i suppose i just ended up with this blog.

So that is what i plan on doing, and to find others who share my enthusiasm for intelligence.

Hello and goodbye from me for now

-Roseanna ∆